Working with the same Templates in different terminals and different computers in MetaTrader.

It often happens that we have to mark up the charts in one terminal and to transfer them to another terminal. The same should be done if the work is from different computers. But it is possible to avoid a lot of repetitive work, and to minimize its effects. This will help us to cloud data warehouse where we store the shared folder Templates for different terminals.

Firstly, you need to install the software for the synchronization of local data to the cloud data store. For example, GoogleDrive. Download app here. When installing I have changed the way to synchronize folders installed by default to C:\GoogleDrive for convenience. This is done during installation of the application:

If you have previously been installed application GoogleDrive, it is necessary in program settings to disable your account, and then connect it again, then you can change the path to the synchronization folder, as in the pictures above.

Next (all MetaTrader must be turned off!) we move transfer Templates folder from the terminal, where the template we want to use everywhere (hereinafterMT master) to the folder c:\GoogleDrive (in our case). We need to move it (but not copy), ie in the old place it should not be any. Now the folder with the templates available in the cloud.

In Windows 7 or later run the command line:
mklink /d  “…\<folder data metatrader main: (MT Master) >\templates” “c:\GoogleDrive\Templates” ,

Path to fill “…\<folder data metatrader main: (MT Master) >\templatescan be found by selecting in Metatrader <file> – <Open data folder> .

For example: mklink /d  “C:\Program Files\MetaTrader – StarFX\templates” “c:\GoogleDrive\Templates”.

Builtin command mklink create a shortcut-link to the new location for the folder, i.e. to  “c:\GoogleDrive\Templates”.

In WindowsXP this method will not work, there is no command mklink. But it turns out instead of it, you can download and use junction.exe command to be run instead mklink and without parameter /d.

Then command line will look like this:

junction.exe “C:\Program Files\MetaTrader – StarFX\templates” “c:\GoogleDrive\Templates”, where instead “C:\Program Files\MetaTrader – StarFX\templates” you must insert your path to the templates.

OK! Now the terminal while saving or loading templates through a label-link will work with them directly with the cloud folder “c:\GoogleDrive\Templates” , which will be available online to you from anywhere.

If you need to work with other (others) terminal (s) (hereinafter MT Slave) and use the main terminal templates, we perform the same operations, and for it (them):
(before that delete or rename its folder Templates)

mklink /d  “…\<folder with metatrader data (MT Slave) >\templates” “c:\GoogleDrive\Templates”

Now, the terminal will use the same folder with the templates as a main.

If you want to connect from another computer, we do the same action. While Google Drive application is installed, enter the same login information as on the main computer. Then folder “c:\GoogleDrive\Templates” will also be synchronized.

There is one important warning! Keep in mind that after the change and the INCORRECT entry template to another, e.g. template “EURUSD” saved to “EURJPY”, lost the previous template data “EURJPY” !!!
In exception to loss of data I have from time to time (every week and every month in separate folders) make copies of files from templates. I have these tasks  in the Windows Task Scheduler.

That’s all. Good luck! 🙂

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