S&P 500 Monthly

The current impulse wave (1) – (2) – (3) – (4) – (5) is the last in the framework of [5]. In turn [5] completes an even larger impulse of I-II-III-IV-V cyclic degree. The current V corresponds to wave I, which began after the collapse of the Great Depression and is not shown on the chart, since the index is published only from March 4, 1957.

The long-term forecast, based on this markup and on the sum of other sociometers, is not comforting. There is every reason to believe that 2017 (or early 2018) will be a long-term vertex for the US market, after which will begin decades of the bear market. At first, an alarming decline and a recession, then a full-fledged collapse and depression. This will be a long process with its growth stages and all the increasing falls that will eventually lead to breakdown of the 666 level.

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