GBPUSD Monthly

  • GBPUSD Monthly September 27, 2022 by IVG

    The ending diagonal is developing in the main variant, in which wave (3) is close to completion.

  • GBPUSD Monthly September 7, 2022 by IVG

    Perhaps the big wave (D) of the triangle has ended (or is close to completion) in the form of a double zigzag.

  • GBPUSD Monthly June 29, 2017 by IVG

    In one of variants we have big triangle at downtrend, in which finishes second leg down in wave (Y) of .

    Perhaps big wave was completed near the 62%-level of wave  and now begins the last wave of triangle. Calculated wave  termination values – 1.7291, 1.8562, 2.0127 .

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