Brent Daily

  • Brent Daily January 18, 2018 by pr0

    On semi-logarithmic chart, where one bar corresponds to three days, shows two scenarios. Both options imply an early completion of the bull market. After setting the maximum wave (C) or wave (4), the price will drop below $ 40.

    For the alternative, the critical level is 88.49, the final wave (4) must be lower. The wave (C) can go higher, but this is unlikely.


  • Brent Daily March 29, 2017 by pr0

    On the daily TF, two scenarios are shown in more detail. In the case of a zigzag (zz – zigzag) of wave (4), two maximums for waves [iii] and [v] are needed. They will approach to the level 69.58, but most likely will not exceed it. The variant with a long consolidation is shown in the form of a triangle (ct – contracting triangle). It will have 4 more waves, each of which will be less than the previous one. After setting the minimum of wave (5) in both variants, a large bullish oil market will begin.

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