• USDCAD Weekly January 6, 2019 by IVG

    The second wave of the leading diagonal (in the first wave) was completed at a level close to 61.8% in the main variant. It is possible that instead of option ((i))((ii)), it is possible to develop a construction in the form of a double zigzag ((w))((x)). But in this case, the expectations are the same – for a down.

  • USDCAD Weekly June 5, 2018 by IVG

    Develops wave 1 as leading diagonal in the main variant. Wave ((iv)) of it is near the completion.

  • USDCAD Weekly October 8, 2017 by IVG

    Maybe was finished big zigzag B. And now we have (i)(ii) structure with continued movement down.

    Finishes wave (i) of ((iii)) in the new downtrend. Perhaps wave (i) is already completed.

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