• USDTRY Weekly October 15, 2018 by IVG

    Wave 3 could be completed in the main variant. Develops correction in the fourth wave. It can take any form.

  • USDTRY Weekly January 27, 2018 by IVG

    Wave 3 could be completed. Alternatively, develops wave  of 3 as ending diagonal. More – on the Daily chart.

  • USDTRY Weekly November 20, 2017 by IVG

    Develops wave  of the impulse in the wave 3. In this case we have alternation between waves  and , wave 3 can make up 423.6% from wave 1 fibo-level (as well as waves  and ➀ ratio ! ) and wave  can stop at 162% level relative to the wave .

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