USDX Weekly

  • USDX Weekly July 5, 2022 by IVG

    The impulse in a wave 5 of (C) of ((B)) develops in the main variant. The monthly chart has been updated.

  • USDX Weekly May 30, 2021 by IVG

    The wave levels of subwaves in the last wave (5) was changed of the assumed ending diagonal. Long-term downward option – no change.

  • USDX Weekly January 13, 2019 by IVG

    The correction in the second wave could be completed at the level of 61.8% of the wave ((i)). In this case, we should expect a continuation of the downward trend in the third impulse wave.

  • USDX Weekly March 17, 2017 by pr0

    Consolidation of the wave [4], most likely, will have a sideaway character and a new false maximum inside it is possible. The correction will tend to compare with wave [2] by time, that is, will last 2.5 years, and will remain above the level of 89 at a price. These are approximate values. Nothing special in this interval with the dollar will not happen. Sideaway movement.

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